As a member of the MAIN Library Consortium, our patrons may borrow from nearly 5 million items available from 49 member-libraries. This facilitates a robust “shop-from-home” experience. From the catalog on our website, patrons can browse the collections of the 49 member libraries, make their selections, and have the items sent to Bernardsville for pickup. A patron may choose a book on bread baking from Madison, a best-selling novel from Roxbury and a children’s book on space exploration from Hunterdon county. Within days, the items will be available at our Grab-and-Go desk (or any specified MAIN library). What’s more, those books can be picked up and returned at any MAIN library. That means if you live in Bernardsville but you work in Roxbury, you can have your books sent to the Roxbury Library for pick up during your lunch break.

Patrons are reminded to pay careful attention to due dates and renewals. A major benefit of being part of MAIN is that patrons can request materials from any of the 49 libraries in MAIN and have them sent to Bernardsville for pick up. However, patrons must remember that each library sets its own loan periods and automatic renewals, so a patron who is checking out items that were sent from multiple libraries are likely to have items with several different due dates and renewal options. Patrons will receive courtesy email reminders three days before the due date of each item. Although many of the loan periods may be longer than what patrons are currently used to, we encourage all patrons to monitor their accounts to stay abreast of due dates and renewals.